Gift Giving For Christmas At Your Office

Your office is a place where you and your staff spend a majority of your lives and let’s be honest, unless you are the owner of your company, you do not do it happily. If interviewed anonymously, almost every office employ will tell you how much they wished they were at home with their families instead of at the office with the same people they see every day every week and every month.

Fun things you can do as a team

To make this situation slightly better than it is, it is important to work as a team to do other things that do not involve your boring regular routine work. This way, you find similar interests that you have among each other and you have something other than work to talk about when you locked in a room eight hours of every day. One amazing team activity you can do at work during Christmas time is to have a Secret Santa event and while you are doing so, you can pool in money as a team and buy small thank you gifts for everybody who has helped your office in the last year such as the mail man, the qualified computer repair guy and the janitor at your work place. 

How Secret Santa works is every member of the team writes their names on a piece of paper and puts it in a jar where everyone later picks out a name. The person who picks out the name is then required to buy a special gift for the person whose name they picked. This game truly does bring people together as it requires them to find out a little bit more about the person whose name they picked. If you and your team have decided to pool in money and buy gifts for those people who help you through the year such as the computer repair guy who rarely ever gets any appreciation then it makes the game even more special. Check this page if you are looking for a reliable IT support.

In fact, working in an office with the same people every day can be a terribly stressed out situation because you are forcefully put in the middle of a group of people you hardly know, whose interested are as far from each other as they possibly can be and you are told to work. You are told to be a team. You are told to be the best team you can be together with these strangers or risk the entire company collapsing on a single mistake. Little events and games like this simply lighten the situation.