Tips For Traveling With Minimum Luggage

Regardless to whether they are traveling for the first time, or an experienced traveler, if you ask any traveler about which part of their journey was the most annoying; they would probably say packing. This is especially true if you have to take an international flight to reach your destination.

The hardest scenario would arise, in our opinion, is if there is restriction on luggage. More specifically, restriction on the quantity of the luggage. Do you have to travel away from home, and can you only take minimum luggage in your travel? Do you feel lost about what to take and what not to?

If the answer for the above questions are “yes”, then keep reading to find out how…!

The luggage itself.

It’s a firm belief among experienced travelers, that if you only have a small, “hand luggage” size suitcase or bag, you can never over pack. Depending on the nature of your travel, you can opt for a suitcase, or a bag with a hard exterior. This way the chances of the things inside getting smashed is minimum. So if you have to rush to a meeting as soon as you land, you needn’t stop to get it re-pressed.

Make use of new technology.

There’s no point in living in today’s world if you’re not going to make use of its advanced technology. Consider cloud backup solutions for when you feel like you might need your laptop.

Opting for cloud backup solutions means you don’t have to lug around our heavy and bulky laptop; but you still have all the data you need in your trip.

If it’s not absolutely necessary, you can leave behind your camera if your smart phone has a good quality camera in it. Besides that, your smart phone can also replace your physical books (only for the journey!), and even your travel guide book. Just make sure to carry an extra battery if you rely on it for a lot of functions.

Really think about the clothes you carry.

Take a good look at the clothes you plan on taking with you. Here the material of your clothes and the bulk of it definitely matters. Try to pack low maintenance clothes that could be reused before washing, if the need arises. Make sure that they are of multiple use, so that the same clothes could be used for different occasions.

Try to pack clothes that don’t get wrinkled easily, or the kind that doesn’t show stains. It should also be able to fold up small, so it doesn’t sit bulkily in your luggage, catching up space.

Shoes and toiletries.

A common mistake that most travelers make is that they carry more shoes than necessary for their journey. For men specially, shoes tend to be bulky, and carry a lot of space. If you have to carry an extra pair of shoes, then make sure that you use the space inside the shoes for rolled up socks.

When it comes to toiletries, the rule of thumb is that you leave behind anything that could be bought at your destination. Toothpastes for example can be bought anywhere on earth. So make sure to pack only that which you feel you cannot buy or find at your destination.

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