Cyber Crimes And Its Consequences

One would say that the invention of computers was the greatest achievement by humans. This has provided many advantages in the fields of Education, Banking, Medicine and Science. However, with every good thing comes a negative thing. This is the same with computers. Though this made an impact in technology and is highly advanced this also opened the path to many crimes. These are called ‘Cyber Crimes’. Cyber Crimes are those crimes that are carried out against an individual or various individuals in the society using the computer or any network system. These criminals who carry out this illegal activity is called as Hackers. They crack codes and log into computers or network systems unlawfully and thereby, commits various crimes.

Whereas some cyber-crimes can be personal, some are indirect cyber crimes. Examples of personal cyber crimes which effects an individual directly can be hacking of mobile phones, social networking sites and personal web pages. Cyber crimes that may effect the society as a whole are hacking of government networking systems, hacking of bank networks and hacking of credit and debit cards. These crimes have placed a black mark on the society. There are a large number of cyber crimes happening aiming young children and women. Therefore, it is necessary for the various government officers to take proper measures to stop these crimes and bring these criminals in front of an International court system. 

How to protect your Computer.

The cyber crimes that aim our computers and its networking systems are Malware, Computer Viruses and Denial of service attacks. Therefore, always use a valid computer protecting system that would prevent your computer from being affected. Also if you’re naïve to computers or mobile phones, you may always use the help of an IT technical support Melbourne. These officers would guide you with any technical issue either through the phone or via e-mail.

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However, one can’t ensure that these measures would protect you completely from any hacker hacking your system. As these hackers are annoyingly intelligent and finds different methods to rob people. This issue of cyber crime is not an issue that prevails only in under developed countries, but is also a major issue in developed countries such as America, Russia and China. Therefore, you should be vigilant when using your computers and mobile phones. Specially when using your computers, try as much as possible to avoid storing and sharing your personal information online. Bank details and transactions of money via the internet must be reduced. And if it is unavoidable, then select very limited, secured links to complete these transactions as anyone who is a user of a computer or a mobile device can be a victim of these hackers.