Due to the high cost of living around the world, there has been a shocking increase in the number of burglaries that are occurring and therefore it is important for every house owner to take measures to secure the place and protect their families from these break ins.

Electrical vs non electrical

There are many things that you can do as a home owner to prevent your home and your family from becoming victims of these burglaries. You will however need to invest a little money in to buying secure and high end home alarm systems in Melbourne for your home that are both electrical and non-electrical. The reason for this is that most burglars today of the younger generation are very educated in high end technology and will in most cases know how to disable even the most expensive high end security systems.

Having a high end electrical home alarm system can benefit your home in many ways in the case your burglar is not well educated in disabling alarm systems. However, in the case that your burglar is able to disable your alarm, it is always advisable to have a backup alarm that is non-electrical such as a bell that goes off or a similar system.

Language of burglars

Burglars usually work in gangs and these gangs will usually support each other. In most cases, these gangs will pay close attention to the houses on a particular street for months at a time and then mark each house with small signs to inform other burglars about their findings. Each home will be marked with secret signs to imply that the house is worth breaking in to, has a dog, has a high end alarm system, has no alarms in place or is not worth breaking in to. It would be useful for all home owners to do their research online and find out the signs that are used by burglars after which they will need to search their outside walls to make certain that their home bares none of these signs. If in the case, you find your house has been marked, it is advisable to erase the mark immediately.

“Not worth breaking in to”

One of the more interesting burglar signs is the one that marks a home as not worth breaking in to. One point that needs to be noted is that most burglars who work in gangs will not waste their time breaking in to a house that is heavily secured or a house of a family that does not look like they have a lot of valuables.

Protecting Your Home From Thieves