Since the invention of the aircraft in 1903 by the Wright brothers, the mode of transportation has improved impressively and passengers all around the world have selected aerial travel over others for long-haul journeys. However, a considerably large proportion of the society remains unconvinced about the safety of air travel and they often avoid it. But like most fears, this too boils down to a lack of understanding and information in most cases and the remedy is the comprehension of the many technologies and systems that work together to make every flight a safe one. Continue reading this article to learn a few important reasons why air travel is much safer than most forms of transportation today. Go here  for more information about aircraft satellite communication systems. 

Extensive testing of planes before they are sold

As aircrafts are meant to carry large numbers of passengers and valuable cargo on long haul journeys that take a lot of time, they must be capable of handling intense wear and tear in order to keep itself on air and reach the destination successfully. While car manufacturers advertise about the way they crash test and test drive their products, aircraft manufacturers do not do such advertising and as passengers, we must do our own research and find out about them. From aerodynamics to complex aircraft satellite communication systems, manufacturers do everything they can to make the best quality equipment and hardware that will ensure a safe flight.

Highly trained pilots

Unlike in the past, there is a huge competition for pilot positions for air liners around the world and there is an increased number of licensed pilots who are interviewed for those positions. Because of this high supply of qualified professionals, airliners have the opportunity to select the most qualified individuals for the job. These pilots are capable of operating advanced hybrid aircraft tracking systems and maneuvering aircrafts with a high professionalism that ensures the safety all those travelling inside.

Onboard security

The security level inside an aircraft has improved significantly since events such as 9/11 and other such terrorism related attempts and as a result more and more measures are being taken by authorities and airlines to increase the level of security inside a plane when it’s in the sky. Including an Air Marshal in every flight has been made mandatory and extensive security measures are being taken to make sure no illegal weapons, tools or any other substances are not carried onboard by any passengers.

Even within the airports, many patrol troops closely monitor all the happenings in and around the premises and try to keep any uninvited trespasses from ever making their way into the airfields or the airplanes. With such measure, passengers feel a lot more comfortable when selecting air travel and making a safe and sound journey to their destination.

Why Air Travel Is The Safest Form Of Transportation Today